What is Equine Guided Coaching?
Equine Guided Coaching is experiential learning (learning by doing). The impact of experiential learning is greater because it employs all of the senses and bonds the learning to both our mental and structural memories. 97% of our communication is non-verbal and yet we rely on language to communicate. The exercises with the horses develop sensitivity to body language and non-verbal communication with each other. People develop greater confidence and a peaceful, powerful presence.

Why Horses?
Horses are non-predatory, herd animals and are experts in emotional and social intelligence. They are curious, intuitive, responsive authentic and non-judgmental. Horses are considered living lie detectors. They reflect back to us emotions or thoughts that may be hidden to us and in turn help unblock hidden forces that hold us back. By sheer size they require we use leadership vs dominance to accomplish our task. They require us to be present and aware and give feedback on every action.

The Hacienda La Paz story and your coach Jacque Erickson:
With a 5 year background coaching a master level transformational course and an apprenticeship with Wisdom Horse Coaching, Hacienda La Paz Inc. was born. The training mostly focused on adult learning however, Jacque has taken the principles and applied them to learning for all ages. We use a model of non-predatory leadership and help people to discover their natural power based on their authentic self. Imagine if you had the opportunity to have life coaching at an early age? It’s never too early or late to learn what horses have to teach us.