What do Horses Teach Us Bout Peace?

We were asked how these Peace talks fit with our horse programs because they seem very different.  Horses can teach us a lot about peace and we use the wisdom of the horse when setting up our talks.  Horses are prey animals and unlike many prey animals, who can just reproduce volumes of offspring, their survival for centuries has been dependent on their ability to act as a community. Horses understand the importance of the diverse roles within the herd and that there will be times that they are in conflict. They don't hold grudges - they have the ability to have conflict and then go back to eating.

Peace Talks

In order to fulfill our commitment to community we are hosting Peace Talks, a series of conversations about topics affecting our communities. Each month between September and April, we will have a panel of people affected by the topic of the month tell their stories. Followed by a group discussion and a call to action. We believe as a community we can solve the issues that plague the world and create peace in the process.

Peace Forum

The Peace Forum is a larger group discussion on the topics that affect entire communities. These have a larger panel of people with a moderator asking pre-determined questions. The audience is asked for feedback either in the form of direct comments at the Forum and/or written feedback. The purpose of these forums is to provide constructive recommendations to officials and politicians that come directly from the communities affected by the issues.

Peace Talks and More

Coffee and Détente!

These are moderated, one on one conversations between two opposing parties. These conversations are held in a public place and everyone is invited to listen in. We will be live broadcasting these conversations on our Peace Talks MN Facebook page. Our purpose is to provide the public access to the decision makers and transform the conversations that affect us all.