Who's Your Herd? - A leadership program for teens aged 13-19

5 session formal program. This program involves equine guided coaching and some riding. Students learn about herd dynamics, using their energy to work with the horses and how everything relates to their world. When the students finish the program they are more confident and able to tap into their leadership abilities.  There is a small charge for this program to cover costs but we offer assistance to write a grant if an organization wants this program for their youth group.

Journeys to Peace - Adult Program

A 5 session, equine guided course that is designed for you to discover your true calling and give you access to peace in your life. Sessions are Hidden Language, Labels, Who's Your Herd, The Ties That Bind and Leadership. In addition to the regular sessions there will be aadditioal weekday gatherings that are open to all (even if you are not in the course).

Special Requests and Programs

Special requests is generally where we have individuals with disabilities. Although it is not limited to that and often we have individuals with disabilities on open days too. By special appointment we give individual attention to the participants.

Special Programs can include teaching firefighters and police to halter a horse. Teaching horse safety for groups. Designing a program to suit the unique needs of an organization or group such as women's shelter or corporate team building.

Out at the Ranch

Community Sundays - Open farm days

These are open to the public for anyone to come out and learn about the horses. People get an opportunity to groom the horses, learn to put on halters, clean feet, lead horses etc. If we have enough volunteers to cover we allow riding. Often it is just a pony type ride but occasionally we will teach the basics and let them ride supervised. Additionally we may take people out into the pasture to teach about herd dynamics and allow them greet the horses we do not use for riding. Generally there is a potluck type meal.